Grow Your Business

SC COM helps grow your business by expanding your existing network of clients and customers, and building relationships and business potential for your company. 

SC COM will grow your business in two ways:

SC COM works with companies who need to talk to more external prospects - companies who need an expanded database that will produce more leads and more sales. SC COM provides the data that, in today's world, will put you in touch with the influencer or decision maker in your company's demographic target. This process, called Drive Train, is a cost and process effective way to beef up an anemic database.

SC COM also works with companies who are interested in developing the potential of women in the workplace; research shows that companies with women in executive positions are financially more successful than companies without women in leadership positions. This process, called Style Matters, encourages and trains women to take on leadership roles and responsiblities. Men are also included in training opportunities.

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